3 Best At Home Brewing Methods

We’ve done the research, and have narrowed down the 3 best ways to get your coffee fix at home. First you should know that the key to a perfect cup of joe isn’t the method you use…IT’S THE BEANS!

We recommend using La Colombe coffee beans, the same ones we use at Coffee Republic. Get the same great flavor at home. Beans are sold in store, and we will grind them up for you as well!

1. Drip Coffee Machine
Perhaps one of the most traditional methods to brew coffee is with a coffee maker. This method makes it easy to brew coffee in bulk if you are serving multiple people, and also it requires minimal work. A downside is that the coffee flavor may be a bit diluted making it taste not as strong.

2. French Press
This tried-and-true method has been used for ages, and is certain to produce a great cup of coffee! The coffee grounds steep in hot water for several minutes really allowing the flavor from the beans to permeate the water, resulting in a full-bodied coffee flavor. Wait 4-5 minutes before plunging the grounds to the bottom of the press, serve immediately! 

3. Pour Over
If you are feeling a bit fancy, you might opt for the Pour Over method. This method is preferred by coffee enthusiasts all around and is much more simple than it looks! While this method may seem a little more cumbersome, and only yields one cup at a time, the process becomes second nature once it is mastered. The results are incredible! The pour over yields a darker and thicker coffee with a robust flavor.  

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