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Sex after menopause: Will he be?

By September 15, 2023March 1st, 2024No Comments

Until recently, it was believed that a woman after 50 loses interest in sex. The hormonal background is changing, the libido is weakening, the health is not the same – where with all this on erotic exploits? Modern research prove that the situation is not so sad and the desire does not disappear anywhere. We figure out why there are no objective reasons for refusing sex after menopause.

Why are past generations of women aged 50+ confirmed the idea of doctors and reduced sexual activity with age up to a complete abandonment of sex?

1. The belief that sex after menopause is wrong

Such a belief can reduce libido at the most active lady. Everything goes from the head! Doctors argue that with a fall in the level of estrogen, libido is reduced. So if I want sex, something is wrong with me. You have to keep yourself in your hands, behave decently. But from “decent” to complete apathy – a stone’s throw.

Modern studies prove that for sexual desire both in women and men are responsible for testosterone. In gentlemen, with age, the level of this hormone decreases, and in women – on the contrary! That is why the preservation and development of sexual attraction after menopause is a completely scientifically justified phenomenon.

2. Health status

It is no secret that in the generation of our parents the idea of preventing diseases was not as popular as now. Modern technologies for maintaining health have stepped far ahead. If earlier most women came to the 50th age with a bouquet of chronic diseases, now the situation has changed for the better. Sports and bodily practices, regular communication with a nutritionist, resorts and spa programs-thanks to various opportunities, the term “development of health” appeared. He implies that with age, health can be strengthened, and not swing. So, along with health, they are not required to fade away and intimate opportunities


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